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What Aftercare is Necessary for Breast Implant Surgery?

As you prepare for your breast augmentation surgery, it’s essential that you know what to expect afterward. These include the short-term precautionary measures, required healing and recovery time, and what side effects you can expect.

Successful breast augmentation depends not only on the surgery itself but also on how you take care of yourself during the recovery process. There are just a few aftercare essentials you can keep in mind to improve the chances of a smooth recovery.

Your Pre-Op Checklist

In preparation for your big day, dedicate some time to make sure you have:

  • Medications, vitamins, and dressings. Stock up on these to have on hand when you need them.
  • Digital thermometer. You’ll be wise to invest in this to keep an eye on your temperature after your surgery. A high fever may indicate infection signs, although your temperature could be slightly elevated for the first 48 hours after surgery.
  • Reading materials. Now is an excellent time to buy those best-sellers and update your favorite magazine subscriptions. And, of course, there’s always another Netflix show you can watch.
  • Ice packs. Ice packs or bags of frozen raspberries, blueberries, or peas will be crucial for icing any swollen areas.
  • Wet wipes and make-up removal pads. These essentials will help you freshen up before you can shower or bathe.
  • Recovery foods. You will be glad you thought ahead to buy canned, frozen, or packaged soup, protein shakes, healthy frozen dinners, and other recovery foods. Consider cooking your own meals in advance and freezing them.
  • Recovery clothes. Invest in some oversized shirts with buttons or zippers down the front, as well as comfortable sweatpants, a bathrobe, slippers, and thick socks. And don’t forget a few post-surgical bras.


Immediately after awakening from anesthesia, it’s likely you’ll feel groggy and be in some pain, but these effects should soon wear off. Remember, you will need someone to drive you home and to take care of you overnight.

The first 3—7 days

The first three to seven days typically are the most uncomfortable, and this is where you might need your prescribed pain medication.

Depending on where you get to work, you might be able to return to your desk jobs about a week after surgery.

The next few weeks

After your first week of recovery, you should be able to slowly ease back into doing some light exercise and following a regular daily routine. It’s vital that you refrain from strenuous activity until you are fully recovered.

Make sure you get plenty of rest and focus on eating nutritious foods and drinking healthy drinks to help speed your healing.

Full recovery

During your scheduled follow-up appointment, your doctor will assess how far along your healing has progressed. It’s usual that after two months most patients are fully cleared to resume all normal activities.

Be sure to closely follow your doctor’s post-operation instructions so that your implants heal properly and without any complications.

Enjoy Your New Figure!

Armed with the correct knowledge about what to expect during your breast augmentation recovery, you can look forward to the procedure with confidence. Already, you can imagine your new breasts and all the compliments you’ll receive!

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